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Mobile Physical Therapy

because your time is precious. You shouldn’t have to choose between your health OR your family! Instead choose your health FOR your family!

Mobile PT

Physical therapy IN YOUR HOME

because THAT is where life happens! What are you missing out on? Are things harder than they used to be? Let’s figure it out together!

In Home PT

At Work At Home At Play

We can only simulate so much in a clinic setting. Make more direct rehab connections by working in your actual office, kitchen, garden, etc. that you need to function in! We meet you where you are!

What does Grit offer that is different than traditional physical therapy in a clinic?

In Home “Outpatient” Physical Therapy

Convenience without Compromise

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Advanced level care with a neurologic specialty

And a passion for restoring function
Studies show that people learn better when it is task specific and meaningful. They also show that the environment can help or hinder learning. Changes in the nervous system (for good or bad) is experience dependent and we can shape learning. You get to decide how you want to move or function!


Empowering with the tools you need to advance your mobility and/or independence
It’s not always WHAT you do, it’s often HOW you do it that can make movement safe and efficient OR disruptive and energy expensive. Together, we can figure out what works for you within your environment.

Ask about our complimentary Discovery Visit to see if Grit is a good fit for you!

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Ask about our complimentary Discovery Visit to see if Grit is a good fit for you
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Dr. Ann Phillips

What is Grit?, in her own words:

Grit is the perseverance to Press On, the resilience to Get Up when you fall, and the determination to Finish what you started despite experiencing adversity, setbacks, or challenges. It’s that inner strength and tenacity that says “Bring it on”! Let’s tap into that grit and combine it with the tools and strategies you need to do the impossible, because Grit Don’t Quit! My practice is structured around 3 crucial pillars to optimize outcomes:

Evidence based concepts (Treatments supported by research)

Meaningful contexts (Functional applications that make sense to YOU!)

Patient alliance (We advocate for you and partner with you and your rehab team)

  • Evidence based concepts
  • Meaningful contexts
  • Patient alliance


People experience the best outcomes when they can make the connection between the “Why” (purpose) and the “What” (intervention). It is crucial that each client, and in many cases the caregivers/spouse/family, see the value in the concepts that support functional return. It is my aim to help make that connection. The persistent theme that is laced throughout every interaction is to offer opportunities to drive neuroplastic change in functional contexts to make the encounter meaningful. Doing so provides a more substantial imprint for developing new neuro pathways.

The most consistent goal that I hear is “to just be normal again”. “Normal” is quite different for each individual. Clinic simulations are limited and home health often falls short when it comes to addressing the complexities of neurorehabilitation. Tremendous gains can be made in environments that are “normal” to the individual. I love helping problem solve through challenging scenarios that limit access or independence. It is fulfilling to help individuals connect with appropriate resources to fill the gaps between abilities and disabilities. Every victory counts, whether it is getting in/out of bed independently, taking that first step, or returning to work!

Rehabilitation for complex diagnoses involves more than just medical stabilization and returning home. I am a big believer in collaboration.  Too many people fall through the cracks of healthcare. This can be due to poor coverage, failed connections, or lack of coordinated efforts. Needs will often change throughout the course of recovery. Individuals may need different equipment, home/work/school/recreational modifications, or opportunities to advance independence. Let’s team up in a focused alliance and fill in those gaps that limit functional return. Tell me your goals and we work together to make it happen!

  • Advantage of working in YOUR environment = No need to simulate!
  • Transportation to appointments is not a worry = I come to you!
  • Reduced contact with others who might be unwell = Less health risk
  • Apply learned concepts in your own home, using things you already have = Put new skills to work immediately without having to translate from clinic to home
  • No clinic distractions or shared care= Every visit is 1 on 1 and customized to YOU!
  • The value of Convenience without compromise + a strong Commitment to personalized quality care => Transformation!
  • I work for YOU, not the insurance company! =YOU decide the course of your rehab!

Why Grit Mobility Physical Therapy (PT)?

We can only simulate so much in a clinic setting. Make more direct rehab connections by working in the actual office, kitchen, garden, etc.
that you need to function in!
We Meet You Where You Are!

Traditional outpatient physical therapy

Grit’s “Real-Hab” Physical Therapy

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