“The COVID-19 public health emergency led to rapid and expansive adoption of, and payment for, physical therapist services provided via telehealth — something for which APTA has long advocated. But while these changes were welcome and have provided an important opportunity for patients to access or resume physical therapy when in-person visits are not possible, they are not a long-term solution” (Bell, 2020)

Telehealth is a great tool and means to still provide skilled physical therapy services whether or not we are in the midst of a pandemic. It is often used as “telemedicine” with physicians especially for rural communities or for urgent specialty assessments like in the case of identifying a stroke. The physical therapy profession has been advancing it’s presence in the healthcare community and has gained temporary ground in telehealth privileges.  Studies show that in some cases, patients can receive comparable benefits and outcomes as in person visits. Grit Mobility has telehealth capabilities on a secure platform to serve your needs and accommodate your preferences for a safe experience. 


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